Diabetes Remote Control

Available in Belgium and in Netherlands

diabetes remote control


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diabetes remote control - complete connectivity experience

diabetes remote control

Thanks to the GlucoLog B.T. device, data can be easily downloaded from Menarini meters to smarphones and tablets using the GlucoLog Lite or GlucoLog Mobile apps,that can then send data via e‐mail or sms to another mobile phone or a computer using the GlucoLog Software.

The DRC service is particularly useful for:

  • Patients need to be strictly monitored by family concerning both execution and test results

diabetes remote control

diabetes remote control

  • Hi‐tech patients that prefer to manage their own glycemic diary on various hardware devices(smartphones or tablet)

diabetes remote control

  • Bedside patients can now directly inform their physician concerning their healthcare state
  • Patients that need to be strictly controlled by their diabetologist during a defined period

diabetes remote control

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