Total solution for the vet

Skyla Solution – by combining immunoassay and chemical methods in one instrument, it offers the potential for the highest efficiency and reliability of veterinary blood testing.

Measure 3 blood samples at once

• 1 immunoassay and 2 clinical chemistry samples

• 3 clinical chemistry samples

All techniques in 1 instrument


- Turbidimetry

- Spectrophotometry

Fully automatic

The instrument is designed in such a way that all steps are automatic, from checking the

shelf life and quality of the reagents, the sample quality up to the printing of the results.

Intelligent Interference Elimination (iiE) System

By using different wavelengths of LEDs and extensive

data shows the effect of lipemia, hemolysis and icteria of the sample

eliminated where possible resulting in high accuracy

of the results.

Walk Away System

The instrument uses an icon driven menu.

Logical, simple and easy to operate for everyone.

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